Apr 3, 2012

°Orphan Drug Video°

Ian Kurba have made video for our track Orphan Drug. Track will be on our new release, which we'll do with label Aquarellist.

Mar 30, 2012

°30/04 Wrist in Madame Claude°

April, 30 we will play at Madame Claude, Berlin. Due to sound-restrictions in this place, we've created new light set, more jazzy and less massive. We will start at 21.30. Entry - from 1 to 6€. At this show you can get our mini-cd single.

All Berline friends are welcome. Check out!

Wrist/NÖRZ in Madame Claude (Facebook event)
еХperimontag in Madame Claude: Wrist/NÖRZ (Last.fm event)

Mar 3, 2012

WRIST remastered single on Kroogi.ru platform

Promoting and fundrising for upcoming full-length CD album release of WRIST.
The recording is finished!

Feb 9, 2012


Great news. The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation released new record. I's devoted to our frend and the best promoter in Moscow Egor Gusev.

Jan 25, 2012

°We are looking for a local promoter in Berlin°

Since 25 to 30 of April our band will stay in Berlin. So, we are planning to make a live show there. We are ready to play entirely at our own expense, there will be no need to pay for our tickets or hostel.

Email for offers: a.goosakov [at] gmail.com