May 26, 2011

°Ilitch - Un Jour Come Tant d'antes°

Tracklist Samples
1 Part 1 - Morning dream
2 Part 2 - Travail-Famille-Patrie
3 Part 3 - Depressive evening
4 Part 4 - Marche ou crève
5 Part 5 - But nothing happen
6 Helena Rodriguez
This is an unreleased album from 1974 by French krautrock band Ilitch which is pretty droning. A brilliant mix of Krauty space groans and experimentalism (see also Conrad Schnitzler and Ash Ra Temple, etc) and the progressive electronics of Igor Wakhevitch.
Like other 1970s European electronic rock artists from Heldon to Conrad Schnitzer, Ilitch owes more to the avant-garde experiments of Stockhausen and Xenakis than to the rock and roll of Chuck Berry or even the Beatles. Ilitch came out of France, was the work of mostly one person, Thierry Müller, using unconventional guitars as well as keyboards and other electronics to create strange textures and sounds. Müller was a photographer and graphic artist from Paris who started making recordings in the early 1970s using prepared guitars, harmonium, and even using the tape recorder as another instrument.

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